Since 2008, Tri Viet has researched and participated in the agricultural sector, with the first phase being sowing and planting 100 ha of red dragon fruit according to Global GAP and Viet GAP standards because it found that red dragon fruit brought a lot useful and benefits to human health.

Uses of dragon fruit:

  • Heart-healthiness
    Dragon fruit can help improve cardiovascular health by lessening bad cholesterol level and supplementing good cholesterol. As dragon fruit is rich in monounsaturated fat, it allows the heart to rest in its best condition.
  • Digestion support
    Eating dragon fruit can also help clean the digestive system. Dragon fruit has a high content of fiber, which improves poor digestion and alleviates constipation.
  • Diabetes prevention
    The high quantity of fiber in dragon fruit can control the sugar level in blood and prevent diabetes. They are also beneficial to diabetic patients.
  • Arthritis alleviation
    Arthritis is a disease that directly affects and causes irritation to joints. Serious cases may involve paralysis. Thus, adding dragon fruit into your daily diet can prevent inflammation and alleviate arthritis.
  • Cancer prevention
    According to Medical Daily, apart from Vitamin C, dragon fruit also contains carotene, a nutrient which effectively helps prevent cancer and alleviate tumors. Additionally, lycopene in the red part of dragon fruit is proven to reduce the risks of prostate cancer.
  • And many other useful uses such as weight loss, skin beauty, acne treatment, sunburn treatment, light burns treatment.

General information about plantation areas:

  • Plantation location: Ham Thuan Nam – Binh Thuan
  • Total area: 100 ha (70 ha of red dragon fruits, 30 ha of white dragon fruits).
  • Total average production: 300 – 400 tons/year
  • Output: 05 – 10 tons/month.

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