Since 2005, Tri Viet Co,. Ltd. has expanded its business to labor safety products to serve employees, companies and labor safety gear stores.

After many years of operation and development in the field of labor safety products within many industries, such as: construction, mechanics, metallurgy, chemicals, fire prevention devices and safety gears for industrial zone, Tri Viet has confidently secured its position in the current safety product market. Tri Viet’s products are extremely diverse with many models suitable for the majority of domestic and foreign customers’ demands. Major products include: Sibille Fameca / France ; Greenlee Klauke Textron / USA – Germany , Tractel & Komet / France ; Kyorisu & Yotsugi & Izumi & Fujii – Yasuda – Kinden – ALPS / Japan ; Salisbury & North & Madaco / USA ; Young Kwang – Korea and Richteam – Pan Taiwan / Taiwan.


Products Images Product description
Respiratory protection Facemask, mask-filter, purifier, gas provider system, breathing air tank, etc.
Labor safety clothing Kaki-textured clothing, chemical-proof clothing, welding clothing, heat-resistant clothing, reflective clothing, etc.
Eye protection Dustproof glasses, welding glasses, chemical-proof glasses, impact-proof glasses, eye cleaning devices, etc.
Safety gloves Heat-resistant gloves, leather gloves, welding gloves, cut-proof gloves, rubber gloves, wool gloves, etc.
Fall-proof products Safety belt, fall-proof belt, fall-proof winch, safety connector, rescue, etc.
Face and head protection Safety helmet, face cover set, face cover sheet, etc.
Joint protection Knee protection, elbow protection, wrist protection, spine protection, etc.
Safety shoes Safety shoes, safety boots, amphibious boots, cold environment shoes, etc.