RN/A 1603 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus P/N 400920000(SCBA)/ Bình cung cấp khí thở cá nhân

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Pressure reducer: piston with compensator

Automatic Demand Value: with integral alarm device and supplementary supply button

Setting of the Alarm: 55 +_5 bar

Volume/ pressure of Cylinder: 61/300 bar

Air reserve: 1660 N liters

Duration: 55min at an average consumption of 301/min for a single user


Certified Type 1 to EN137:2006 and meeting with directives 98/686/EEC(PPE), 97/23/EC (PED)and 96/98/EC (MED)


Mask: TR 2002 A

Outer face blank: EPDM

Panoramic Visor: scratch and sovent resistant polycarbonate

Inner Nose Cup:TPE

Five arm head harness: FPDM

Carrying strap: PVC

Backplate: thermoplastic polypropylene

Harness with padding: seft-extinguishing webbing

Pressure reducer: brass alloy nickel plated

Automatic Demand Valve: fiber glass reinforced nylon housing

Cylinder: steel


Store at temperatures between -20 and +50 C and with RH< 80%


15Kg approx., set complete with mask and fully charged cylinder


310x660x220 mm. meansured with set laying down on a flat surface.

The set is packed w/o cylinder in a carton box dimensions 710x210x460 mm

Cylinder is packed into a carton box dimensions 710x150x160 mm